How are 360-degree films made?


 How are 360 degree films made?Technologies are developing at a tremendous pace, and every year more and more modern solutions are being created in this area. This applies in particular to the field of photography and video filming. There are features that allow the user to go to virtual reality. A particularly developed form of this entertainment is VR glasses, which allow you to shoot 360-degree movies. How are they used?

360 degree video camera

Traditional films, due to the fact that they have only one lens pointed in a certain direction, allow for a limited depiction of reality. Meanwhile, a 360-degree movie recorder (also called spherical films) works differently. The main difference is that it has more lenses so that they can capture images of everything around the camera. Therefore, the operator of the device must leave the recording area so that he does not fall on the tape. Some cameras can be controlled remotely so that they turn them on and off without being visible to the lens.

How are 360-degree videos recorded?

Knowing how a 360-degree camera works, it’s probably not hard to imagine filming a movie with it. The device is placed perpendicular to the ground on a tripod, turned on, and then exits in front of the lens (i.e., it is removed several meters). If you control the camera remotely, you can of course turn it on later. When the work is complete, the recordings from the individual lenses are combined into one, and this creates a 360-degree film.

Why are spherical films removed?

Recording a 360-degree movie by is undoubtedly a very modern technology, but why is it really Done and how to watch it later?

On a side note, it is worth considering that a flat screen is not the best solution for spherical films. Most often, they are looked at in virtual reality glasses. Thanks to this, the viewer gets the impression that he has switched to a new, virtual reality. Thus, one can easily imagine a given area that is used, for example, in real estate offices or at art exhibitions.

Where 360-degree videos are used

A video shot this way is a great opportunity to grab the attention of your audience on social media.

360-degree video is an excellent companion to standard event video.

Reviews of travel and other travel advertising created with 360-degree cameras are becoming more and more popular.

Although these videos have been around for a long time, they still grab attention and stand out from the millions of videos that Internet users watch every day.

Using video of this format during advertising campaigns is guaranteed to attract a potential consumer of the product.

360-degree movies are also used to create games in the context of virtual reality. The player can escape from everyday life and suddenly find themselves in another world. In the case of games, he can even influence and interact with him. This solution provides unique entertainment, relaxation and relaxation. Thus, 360-degree videos have many applications and can be used in many industries. It is worth finding a company that records them and using its services.