Clock for viewing YouTube — Nuances


 Clock for viewing YouTube   NuancesIt’s no secret that YouTube for today is a very popular video hosting and free, where a huge number of users are divided by their:

• videos;
• clips;
• presentations, and so on.

But as practice shows, today this service is used not only on the items listed above, as well as for training, entertainment, and as an option for advertising, and rapid promotion: trademarks, goods, services, and ideas on the Internet.

New rules for monetization from YouTube

YouTube announced new rules for the use and monetization of the platform, and therefore many small creators working on the platform at least concerned and are upset that now they have to fulfill the required system requirements.

And this is at least the fact that now the private channel on hosting should have at least thousands of subscribers and at least four thousand hours of viewing at least over the past year. As for youtube watch hours, then to view your viewing time profile, you need to go to YouTube, and touch the images of your profile, And in particular, the «viewing time» keys.

Important note

In this case, you are not displayed in your profile. Those videos that you deleted from your history of views, or the video you watched in the so-called private window. In addition, the history of views is available only when you personally entered Youtube.

What do you need to look at your viewing time profile?

To view your time profile, you must first of all go through simple authorization on YouTube, and then touch the profile image, and the viewing time, as mentioned above. In the «Viewer» section, each can easily change the settings for such options as: «Reminder of the break», as well as «Auto-start», «Notifications: Digest Schedule» function and «Notifications: Disable Sounds and Vibration». As for statistics of views, it is mainly taken from the history of each user.

What is offered on

Having passed on the reference link, you can not only purchase a viewing time profile that allows you to learn the average viewing time over the past day, but also learn full statistics on how long you watched the video on hosting not only today, but yesterday, as well as for Last week. In addition, you will receive: a complete warranty, speed in work, monetization, and instant start of the system. Works here and 24-hour support service.

Experienced service experts are tested every day all the services offered for their compliance with the quality that only the best to get to buyers. Here they do not suffer compromises — but represent only the best quality for applicants.